About AOTC

Attack of the Clones

Attack of the Clones is a PRE-CU server based on the SWGEmu code. It focuses on the Clone Wars timeline with an emphasis on server balance and longevity.

The development team is focusing on balanced PVP and PVE. There will be continual balance changes as needed. We are also focusing on bringing new life and fun to the existing planets before any new expansions will be added.

What sets us apart?

We have a unique timeline, with quests updated to represent it.
Leaderboards for PVP and PVE hooked into the website.
Professional dev team that understands the backbone of SWG and how to develop a strong and robust economy.
No more buffs – log in and play. Doc and Entertainer buffs have been modified.

Install AOTC

Installing our Client

Click below to download the zip file. Extract the contents to a folder (e.g., C:/SWGAoTC) and then point to your SWG Directory.
** Note: The launcher may freeze at 99% the first time you run it. If it does, close it, and re-point it to the SWG directory.
** Note: Depending on where you install it (based on PC) you may need to run as admin. We've seen people need to run as admin when using /ProgramFiles

Change Log

Patch 1

- Coming Soon!

Initial Changes


In game allowances

5 characters per account, 2 online at a time
One account per person, based on IP. If you have housemates that want an account, both contact devs in discord to start the process
Automated multiple (Discord bot and IP_Log table) multi-account tracker

Leader Boards

PvP – Tracks enemy faction kills
PvE – Tracks mission completions and credits earned
Bounty Hunting - Tracks Jedi kills
Jedi - Tracks BH kills


Faction terminals now heal battle fatigue and wounds for credits
Mission terminals now show creature type and level
Players can select direction and level when choosing missions


Additional bunkers added to various planets
Players may preform self-stat migrations while unbuffed
Profession training costs reduced
Mount and vehicle summon lowered to 5 seconds
Shuttles always available
Starports have 2min grounded (available), 40second wait

Experience Rates

Combat experience rate increased (x2)
Crafting experience rate increase (x5)
Entertainer experience rate increase (x5)
Group experience rate bonus (+20%)
Jedi experience rate (x1) [Please see change 3.4 for more info on Jedi]


Discord bot In-game chat
Galaxy-wide group and guild invites
Community transparency - bimonthly financial reports
Constant admin log audits



Classes have been tuned and adjusted (armor pen, damage mods, etc.)
Players cannot be incapacitated by mind pool
Stomach/Drink bar resets on death
Creatures can be afflicted with dizzy and knockdown
Planet-wide cloning


Taunt fixed
Random pool attacks no longer target mind
Healing abilities now use mind
“Medical Use” skill lowers the mind-cost of healing abilities


Restuss PvP zone added
PvP kill announcements
PvP Rez Sickness
PvP Currency - Players can obtain rewards from a vendor
PSG decay reduced in PvP combat
PvP TEF reworked
DoTs balanced for PvP
PvP bases added to vendor
Faction pet limit
Faction kill reward split


Combat Medic

Removed Marksman as a pre-requisite
Combat medic has had all crafting removed, and is now a combat-focused class


Master Medic removed as a pre-requisite
Novice Doctor requires 0004 in Medic
Doctor Profession is now a buffing class and crafter for all medical items.


Ent buffs boost credit and faction gain rates


Large Ranger revamp, including skill changes, lots of defenses - bringing it up to be a proper scouting/combat class
Tons of creature harvesting bonuses
Less frontiering XP required


Unique Unlock
Will NOT be obtainable on release, but will be in soon (in testing)
Custom Jedi trees, Jedi will not be an “Alpha Class”


Smugglers can select slice-type
Large smuggler revamp, including skill changes, lots of defenses - bringing it up to be a proper combat class

Squad Leader

Large SL revamp, including skill changes, lots of defenses/accuracy - bringing it up to be a proper combat/support class

Bounty Hunter

New visibility system based on lore and the timeline. This is war. If you're involved in it, expect to be hunted by our bounty hunters!



Armor cap reduced to 70%
Armor resource effectiveness reduced
Armor decay changed to reflect damage taken


Vendors enabled for private houses
Bazaar max price increased to 100k and 50 listings


Resource stack size cap increased to 1 million


Base Extraction Rate (BER) increased for all harvesters
Heavy Harvesters have 130 BER and require 5 lots
Creature Harvesters added – Low BER



“Organic Survey Device” added
Chef barrels fixed
Crates fixed for factory runs
Food fills removed from crafting foods


Some NGE loot has been added


Useless SEAs have been removed
SEA nomenclature improved


Discord bot In-game chat
Secure discord-based account registration
Bug Reporting/Suggestions direct from discord via command
Bug Reporting/Suggestions direct from SWG via command
Call for help! Use $support in game, or !support in discord to notify CSRs of an immediate issue!

Clone Wars (TCW) Conversion Changes

General Changes

Armor Revamp - All sets are now craftable with high quality resists
Player characters are always in a "buffed" state, no more waiting around for Doctor and Entertainer bots
No Anti-Decay Kits
Improved loot tables
Exceptional and Legendary drops now have a 1.2 and 1.3 modifier – no more “God” weapons ruining the balance in PvP
Lightsaber/Jedi TEF.
Pre Publish 13 GCW TEF System.


These changes are designed to make combat quicker and more reactive than standard Pre-CU. These changes result in quicker PvP combat and more challenging PvE content while remaining faithful to the core SWG Pre-CU Mechanics.
Armor Cap reduced from 90% to 70%
Doctor's now only buff for around 10% of your HAM (around 500) thus making them a bonus but not a necessity
Entertainers now Mind Enhancements (Dancer) or Ranged/Melee accuracy buffs (Musician)
Intimidate reduction reduced from 50% to 25%
Working taunt added for tanking in PvE
Adaptive DOT abilities that do increased damage in PvE
Mind Incaps removed in PvE and PvP. Neither players nor NPC's can be killed via the mind pool
Healing costs Mind
Doctor and Combat Medic Medicine Use grant decreased heal cost
Jedi Skill Tree Revamp (Publish coming soon)

Quality of Life Improvements

Resources automatically added to Galaxy Harvester every single day.
Daily Server Restart and Database backup.
Discord general chat linked up with in game general chat (full credit to Progor for this fantastic piece of work).
Reduced Crafting Time
Reduced Vehicle/pet/droid call time
House item limit increased to 250 items per lot.
Mission drop down menu now displays more missions.
The mission drop down tab will now display what the lair type is without having to examine it.
Escort quests no longer require you to wait for the npc to walk 4000m at a slow pace. Just talk to them and return to sender.
Solo groups do not split payouts to all group members at great distance, allowing full payouts to players doing lairs on their own in a solo group.
Return of hunting and spin groups from the CU. Group members that tag an enemy will receive full XP.
Wait time on Shuttleports removed. Starport timers lowered to thirty seconds.
Starport Shuttles have had their length of time on the ground increased.
Clothing and Armor attachments now display the stat on the item name itself.
You can now invite to group from any distance.
Group size limit increased from 20 to 50.


Patch 1

- public roadmap coming soon

Leader Boards

Top GCW Performers

GCW info will be listed here...

Top Mission Cumulative Performers

Mission Data here

Most Recent Kills

Top 10 kills

Top Faction Performers

Faction NPC Info

Top Bounty Hunters by Kills

Bounty info will be listed here...

Top Jedi Defenders by Kills

Jedi info will be listed here...

Server Firsts

Each server first must be reported to a CSR/Dev or screenshotted. You'll earn an IN GAME BADGE and be listed here

Master Armorsmith: Sereya
Master Weaponsmith: Sereya
Master Doctor: Edrao
Master Droid Engineer: _______
Master Architect: Ace
Master Tailor: _______
Master Chef: Matt
Master Entertainer Prof: Yaya
Master Melee Prof: Matt
Master Ranged Prof: Edrao

Jedi Unlock: _______
Themepark Completion: Louie
Mayor of First Player City: Ace
CIS Colonel: _______
Republic Colonel: _______
10 Million Credits: JayGee Wentworth